what is akamaihd.net in Facebook Upload photo url?

First we have to know few thing before why you got different URL on you Facebook Image URL

What is image URL ? .
Image URL is your online upload picture web address /URL or your online photo identification .
How do copy your photo /image URL ?
  • Open your browser windows .
  • Now go to the page contain the image .
  • Now move your mouse over the image and right click on mouse button .
  • Finally select copy image location or view page info .
Look at the screen short .
  • Open your browser windows .
  • Now go to the page contain the image .
  • Now move your mouse over the image and right click on mouse button .
  • select properties from the pop -up menu 
  • Now copy the address URL.
How do you find AKAMAIHD.NET on Facebook image URL?
Take your facebook image url .You wull get something like that url bwlow .
Now look this image Url .You see akamaihd.net .
Akamaihd is a content delivery network .When you upload any image on Facebook profile as well as album your image directly uploaded on Akamaihd .net .
How does  CDN work?
  • The web designer links to a file on a CDN, such as a link to jQuery.
  • The customer visits another website that a
  • Even if no one else has used that version of jQuery, when the customer comes to the page in number 1, the link to jQuery is already cached.

How to mention people in your posts with Google+

Good news for blogger who want to mention one more author in blog post .Google software engineer  Malte Ubl,has been introduced this new feature on blogger .Let’s learn how to mention people in your post with Google +?
Now you are able to add a link to a Google+ profile or page when you want to mention someone in a post you then share your post from blogger to Google+.we make it easier to notify your mention by including them in the sharebox.
Image credit :Blogger buzz
To mention someone ,just type“+”  before their name while you are using the blogger post editor.
The profile or page will show up as a link in your published post .Hovering over the will show a card with more info and an add to circles button .Clicking the link takes you straight to the Google+ profile page.
Source :Blogger buzz .

How to increases search visibility social networking profile such as linkedin on google

Linkedin has become one of most popular social network in the world. Linkedin is the  best for professional
profile.Due to huge number of professional profile it is very difficult to get your professional  profile on search engine .But you can improve your Linkedin profile search visibility. Please follow our guideline below.

  • Complete your profile:One of the best way to improve your position in  Linked  search result is to fill out and  put all information as required . 
  • Try to add your full details as your date of birth ,where you born ,your education background,your previous job experiences etc.
  • Participated in Linkedin group.  
  • Try to connect new contract as much as you can .   
  • More update is coming soon.                

How to add a Subscribe Button to your Facebook Profile

You can add a subscribe button to your Facebook public profile and let’s get update your non friend as

well as your Facebook friend .When you update your Facebook account such as add any photo ,any new link ,any thing then your subscriber you get notification from  Facebook authority automatically .

  • Go their link here .
  • Now select and confirm few option to make sure to see your stuff non Facebook friend .
  • Now a subscribe Button will be added on your public Facebook profile.

How to create a Facebook page

Facebook has become part and parcel of most Internet user in the world .You can create a Facebook page

under your Facebook account profile .Just click on your profile home page and select create a page .Now you have to choose purpose of page such as local business , company,Organization or Institution,Brand or product ,Entertainment , Cause or community.Now select your best option as much as you can and select your category put your page name and select Facebook term and condition .Now select start and let’s forward for adding more information.You can send request your friend to join your page and like .By using this Facebook fun page  you can promote your business and your website or blog.