How to add Google+ comments to Blogger

Reader responded by posting comments as a result blogger or author can understand what is right or wrong  and they can bring change as demand of reader. Goggle introduce new features day by day . Staring today ,you can bring Google+ comments to your Blogger blog .To enabled this amazing features you have to through your Blogger Dashboard and you will enjoy numbers of benefits .
How to add your blog and Google+ comments ,all in one place 

Now when you are browsing your blog’s comments threads ,you will see activity from direct visitors ,and from people talking about your content on Google+.For example ,if there’s a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog entries ,those comments and replies will also appear on your Blogger blog .By using this way you can engage with more of your readers ,all in one place.

Now when you’re browsing your blog’s comment threads, you’ll see activity from direct visitors, and from people talking about your content on Google+. For example, if there’s a public Google+ discussion about one of your blog entries, those comments and replies will also appear on your Blogger blog. This way you can engage with more of your readers, all in one place.

How to readers comment and connect with their circles .

Amazing now your blog readers will have the option to comment publicly ,or privately to their circles on Google+.When they are browsing blog comments  and they can view all of them ,just the top ones ,or only those from the people in their circles .

In all cases ,you and your readers will only see the comments you have permission to see .By giving this kinds of control not only encourages more meaningful sharing -it can lead to more blog traffic .

How to start with Google+ Comments .
Just go to Google+ tab of your Blogger Dashboard ,and check Use Google+ Comments . 

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How to do use custom domain name for your free

Google blogger platform offer two free publishing options for your blog:hosting on Blogspot(For :exmpale but you can own your custom domain (For own completely  this custom domain by paying small amount .You can can change your publishing option at any time by converting free domain to Google custom domain .When you change your domain publishing your website content will remain .

If you would like to buy a custom domain through the blogger just follow this instruction .

Go to your Blogger publishing area under the setting tab.

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 Now click the link to add a custom domain name and put your domain name as you like ,check the availability.If this available,go ahead and register the name ,and you will directe to Google checkout to make your payment.You have to pay an annual fee of $10 and you will not pay for hosting .

What is blogger?

blogger blog
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Blogger is Google free toll for creating a blog .This bloging service provide by giant search engine Google .Any internet user can can use this free tool for creating a blog .You can post any thing such as political issue ,news , technology information ,your personal information as you like .

How to set up a Google blog ?

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You can publish a Google blog by taking few steps .

  1. Create a Google account with a valid a e-mail address .Then go their blogger platform or url  .
  2. Now choose your blog name if you request blog name is already exit and you are not able to create this blog .But you can choose alternative blog name and Google will advise you about blog name .
  3. Now choose a blog template .
  4. Google allow to create multiple blogger under one account so you can create more blog as you like .
  5. Blogger will host you  blog for free on .But you have to make sure few thing before published your blog such as your blog setting ,search engine setting  etc.
  6. Now start your blog .
  7. Go to post option .Now create your first blog post and published .You are now blogger .