English to Bangla: translate 2 free software

English is an international language and this is the second language in Bangladesh. You can translate English to Bangla by Google translator. In Bangladesh many English and Bangla newspaper publishing to learn the English language. We will learn how to translate Bangla to English and online all Bangla dictionary lists.

How to translate Bangla to English

There are many online tools available to translate Bangla to English. You can translate any Bengali pdf, images, file official documents free of charge. Google translate is one of the most popular tools for instant translation language.

Yandex offers various language converters and conversations. But it has some language restrictions because its services are not available for all languages.

Google translate bangla to English.

This is the most used website for translation language in the world. It offers instant translation as a result you will get your answers. Let’s start with how to Google translate. First, select your language and choose your desire language.

Google English to bangla

The best bengali to English dictionary.

BING Microsoft is very popular for finding language dictionaries.it can auto-detect and convert to Bangla. As a result, you can see grammatical errors and can learn the meaning of any word.

English to bangla dictionary

All free translat software tools lists.

Many software offers free and pro versions but the free version is limited features. For example, google vs Microsoft translator. Google is more accurate than being. You can converse regardless of your language barriers on Microsoft but must have an account associate with their services. On the other hand, Google does not need an account to use conversion tools. Here are the full lists.

  1. Google translate.com.
  2. Microsoft translator.
  3. Linguee :is a very popular for online dictionary. You can find any meaning English to bangla.
  4. Babylon Translator .

How can learn bangla to English.

I am going to discuss how to learn and improve your speaking skills. In addition, I will also show how you can write Bangla to English efficiently by using apps and computer-based software. First of all, practice because practice makes a man perfect. So do more conversation with your friends and family to improve your speaking skills. For example, you can use some translator software such as Microsoft translator to make practice. Secondly to improve writing skills you can take some advantage of online free language translation apps. For instance Google translation toolbar you write Bangla sentence and convert to English. As a result, you will see full English sentences.

SayHi : is a very good app and you do not type anything simply speak on the device and transcribe to be seen. As a result, heard by your counterpart.

Translate apps
Say hi app

iTranslate Voice 3 : is a magical app to conversation to Bangla speakers to English speakers. It’s very simple to use just speak on your phone and automatique will be converter to English.

iTranslate Voice 3

TextGrabber : imagine you went overseas and you do not read their street sing and official documents. But don’t worry textgrabber is a solution for your to translate any foreign language documents to Bangla.

Bengali to English

Bengali is the mother tongue of Bangladeshi people and is mostly spoken in Kolkata. Despite this being the first language in Bangladesh, English is widely used in many government institutions such as courts, banks, etc.

Translate english to bengali.

If you want to translate online you can do it. First, you need to choose which software you want to use to translate English to Bengali. There are many free online websites and tools available to convert any language. See above we listed all tools and discuss that.

Translate to Bangla.

You want to migrate to overseas but you are afraid for foreign languag.do not worry here is solution for you .you can translate any language to your mother tongue bangla .you do not need to be a computer expert but you need know how to translate bangla .simply go to the Microsoft translator.

Bangla to english translation book.

Bangla to english translation book
Google documents translate

You do not understand English books or literature but you want to read .or you want to translate your language bangla to English. Yes you can do it online without out paying. Just you need to internet connection or you can use Google translate offline apps.

Dictionary English to bangla.

Oxford printed version English dictionary was very popular and you have to spend money for that. But time has changed now you do not need to buy and you can find any English words meaning to Bangla online.

English to Bangla tranlator

Use Google coversation to tranlate english to Bangla .Just go to Google translate the app and select the language each of you speaks. Now start speaking.

অনুবাদ করুন Bangla to english tranlation

Conclusion: the internet has made our life easy in every aspect of livelihood. As a result, we overcome any language barrier

Bd birth registration Online: free jonmo nibondhon check-in 2021(updated)

Bd birth registration

jonmo nibondhon  in 2021 meaning Birth registration in Bangladesh. Now it has been mandatory for all citizens. Bd birth registration online made simple and you can check it online.  jonmo nibondhon is one of the most useful documents in Bangladesh. The birth certificate is the most trusted document to prove your age, date of birth, permanent residence, place of birth, etc.

jonmo nibondhon how to apply online:A step-by-step guideline 

You can register your jonmo nibondhon on the internet. You can easily apply by following this guideline. Please take note of everything before going to start your registration such as Division, district,upzilla,unions, ward.

Your personal information for example your name, date of birth, etc.

  1. Go to state-owned website online birth registration system (BRS).
  2. Then follow the instructions. 
  3. Now fill up bd birth registration form online.
  4. Put your full name, date of birth, gender, parents’ name. 
  5. Applicant parent’s nationality.
  6. Address: in this part put your place of birth and present as well old address. 
Jonmo nibondhon online
Online bd birth registration

How to check jonmo nibondhon status  online jachai.

 First, go to this site and select verify the current status of your application. 

Now put your application number on the search bar.

Now hit the search bar and will show your current status. 

Bd birth registration check online

How to correct a birth certificate or jonmo nibondhon songsodhon

To correct your birth certificate you need to make an application to your local union council or send your application to a local government office. Must fill up bd birth certificate correction form. 

  Bangladesh Online Birth form(জন্ম নিবন্ধন ফরম)  fill up.

  1. First Select your Division.
  2. Second Select your District.
  3. Then select your Police station(Thana).
  4. After select your Union.
  5. Now choose your Ward.

Finally, you have to fill up the online application form and you have to provide all the required information. All required information is mandatory.

Instruction after filled up your online Birth registration form (  Jonmo nibondhon form
First, fill up your application in Bengali (Unicode) then you have you fill up English then click on Reserve Button.

Jonmo nibondhon form

When you select the reserve button, your application will be transferred to your Local union council or Birth registration office computer server.
Do not forget to print your fill-up application form.

The final step for collecting your Birth Registration certificate.
Within 15 days of your application please contact your local office and give your necessary documents when you applied online.

birth registration form

জন্ম নিবন্ধন যাচাই in 2021

You can verify your jonmo nibondhon as like as before because nothing changes has been taken place in 2021.just you need your birth certificate number and date of birth to see it online .

Jonmo nibondhon form download

To register your newborn baby or you want to register your name Bangladesh government’s officials’ birth registration system you need an application form. Now you do not need to pay or do not need to go union council for an application form. You can get it online and instantly print out the Bangladesh birth registration form.

Bd birth registration fee for duplicate, correction, and digital version copies

Bangladesh government offers free birth registration for a newborn baby but some fees apply for some services. For duplicate copies, you need to pay 25 takas for union Parishad and city cooperation. For correction, the fee is 10 taka. In the case of the Bangladesh mission, you need to pay 5 $ Us dollars to register jomo nibondhon and for any correction, 20 $ Us dollars as well 10$ dollars dor duplicate copy.

Bangladesh birth registration number and digital certificate

The government issue a 17 digit unique digital number for each applicant and this called a personal identification number. To get a digital jomo nibondhon certificate you must apply online.

Bris.lgd.gov.bd verify the online status

All Bangladeshi citizens can verify birth and death registration online. You need a unique registration number and date of birth. Go to this site and complete the steps and search.

What is a bith registration in Bangladesh?

The birth registration is all newborn babies officially register and give a unique number. This is a bd government project to keep a record of all new children.

What is online bris?

Bris is an online service to verify jonmo nibondhon online status in Bangladesh.

Nowbd:bd information and online service

bd e-service

Nowbd(Bengali -এখন BD stand for বাংলাদেশ). This page is dedicated to whose people are concerned for Bangladesh. You can know what is happing inside Bangladesh.


www.nowbd.com is one of the most popular online Bangla newspaper portals.Nowbd.com published up-to-date Bengali news, breaking news, expert opinion, business news, share market news, political analysis etc.NowBdNews.com offers news with a unique perspective on Bangladesh – not just Bangladesh, but also international news.

BD meaning

B for Bangla and D for desh altogether come to Bangladesh. Bd is a short form of Bangladesh and informally use in Bangladesh. Dot Bd is the internet country code domain for Bangladesh. On the other hand, Bd also uses various terms such as BD time, Bd news, Bd passport, Bd birth certificate, BD jobs.

What does Bd mean in text and stand for BD?

BD refers to Bangladesh. B for Bangla and D for desh both together Bangladesh.

what is BD live?

Most of the Bd television live streaming online. On other hand, all Bangladesh national cricket team matches telecast live on television.

What does Bd stand for sexually?

Interm of girl’s-you can use that. For example Bd sexy Girls.Bangladeshi sexy girls.

How many satellites in bd now?

Right now 2 satellites in bd. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 and is the first satellite for communications in Bangladesh. the second one is Onnesha satellite of Bangladesh was by BRAC.

How many upazila in Bd now ?

In 2020 492 upazilas in Bd (Bangladesh )

Map of Bangladesh :Digital Bd map with all district.

Bd map

You can download free Map of Bangladesh.  Bangladesh has divided over the 8 Division and 64 district. BD map with 64 district and 8 Division. You  can  find Dhaka district in map of  Bangladesh. Now it’s available on internet digital map of Bangladesh and you can download free. Bangladeshis surrounded by India ,Napal ,Bhutun and bay of bengal .Dhaka is capital of Bangladesh .

where is located Bangladesh?

The country of South Asia and located in the delta of the Padma or Ganga and Jamuna rivers in the northeastern part of the Indian subcontinent.

Map of Bangladesh

How many Division and district in Bangladesh.

There are 8 divisions and 64 districts. Download map of Bangladesh with 64 districts.

bd map with 64 district
Bangladesh digital 8 Division map HD
Bd 8 Division digital map

how many sub-district (upaZila)and union council.

Bangladesh has been divided into 492 sub-district and under the sub-district 4,554 union council in rural areas and 327 municipalities.

Bd upzilla map dowenload
How many district,upzilla,union council in dhaka Division.

Dhaka has consisted of 17 districts,123 upzilla, and 1248 unions council (union parishads. You can see how big Dhaka in the map of Bangladesh.

Dhaka Division  dowenload
how many villages in Bangladesh 2020.

68038 villages but sometimes it has been updated.

Muza picture

Bangladesh 64 district name lists and upzilla in 2021.

64 districts distribute among the 8 divisions in Bangladesh. Each Division consists by district following that Chittagong division 11 district, Dhaka 13, Sylhet 4 district and 35 upzilla, Barisal divided by 6 districts with 42 Upazila, Khulna Division 6 district, Rajshahi followed by 8 district and 70 upzilla

Dhaka Division the complete list of district.

  1. Dhaka .
  2. Gazipur.
  3. Madaripur.
  4. Faridpur.
  5. Gopalganj.
  6. kishoreganj.
  7. Manikganj.
  8. Rajbari .
  9. Tangail.
  10. Shoriotpur
  11. Munshiganj .
  12. Narayangnj.
  13. Narsingdi.

Digital map of bangladesh

Bangladesh has been digitalized the whole country map and you can find any place easily. The Digital map is much better than the analog version and you can download free of charge on the internet.