Bangladesh lockdown: news today and latest updates 2021

lockdown Bangladesh
Latest Covid 19 information in Bangladesh

Bangladesh lockdown imposed due to covid 19 infection rising and has been lifted for eid ul azha in 2021.but the government already declared it will be imposed after Eid. From the 1st of July, Bangladesh has been imposed lockdown across the country and nobody can not go outside of the house without a valid reason.

Bangladesh lockdown and latest updates.

Bangladesh has lifted nationwide lockdown ahead of eid ul azha. According to the cabinet division notice restriction will be lifted from Jul 14 to 6 am on Jul 23. But from 24 of July, it will be imposed until 05 of August.

Lockdowen lefted from 14 jully until 23 of jully

Restart from 24 of july and end 5 of August

Is tomorrow lockdown in Bangladesh?

Due to virus spread person to person as a result lockdown is the best option to stop spreading coronavirus and reduce number of infections people. In Bangladesh as well imposed lockdown to stop spreading virus and during lockdown in Bangladesh nobody can not go out side without emergency reasons such as for medical and essential shopping. If someone breaks the rules he or she will be faced fine .so it is important to know exactly is any movement restrictions apply before going out side .no more worries here is a dedicated website to know latest lockdown updates in Bangladesh. Istomorrowlockdown. Com

Covid 19 vaccine in Bangladesh: How to register online free

covid 19 vaccine in Bangladesh

Covid 19 vaccine started giving in Bangladesh. Bangladesh government has launched a campaign to take covid 19 vaccines for all of his citizens especially for migrants worker probashi Bangladeshi those have been blocked in Bangladesh and can not return for Covid 19 vaccine. here is the complete guideline covid 19 vaccine in Bangladesh on how to get it free and get your certificate, vaccine card, and how to register online probashi.

Covid 19 vaccin in bangladesh for probashi Bangladeshi how to register

All Bangladeshi migrant workers who want to return abroad can register for vaccines over 50 dedicated centers of the Bureau of Manpower, Employment, and Training.

Documents need for registration

Covid 19 vaccin registration bangladesh online

covid vaccine app in bangladesh

To get your vaccine in Bangladesh you must be registered online through the Apps surokkh . This is a dedicated app register for covid 19 vaccine applicants. Simply select your type of identity then need your mobile number to inform your appointments date and center location.

Check your vaccine registaion status online

covid vaccine registration check online

After registration for the covid vaccine and if you do not get any date do not worry you can check your application status online. Just go to this link and put your passport number and date of birth.

How to dowenload covid 19 vaccin certificate online in Bangladesh

covid 19 vaccine in Bangladesh

it is very simple just need your NID card number and date of birth. Go to this link and download your digital vaccine certificate

Verfiy certifiate covid 19 vaccin in Bangladesh

if you are vaccinated and you got your certificate luckily you can verify the certificate online. This one of the best options to stop fraud vaccine certificates. Just go to this link and put your NID number, date of birth, and your certificate number and see your result.

Covid 19 registration form in Bangladesh

so far there is no application form available. To register you do not need any vaccine application form you can do it online or download surokkha app and fill up the online application.

Covid vaccin name in Bangladesh

Bangladesh has started a mass vaccine program. here is the list of Covid 19 vaccine names that the Bangladesh gov authorized and started vaccinated people.


Covid 19 vaccine price in Bangladesh

At the moment covid 19 vaccine is free for all citizens in Bangladesh because it is a national health crisis. On the other hand, is not available in the market to sell as a result it is not clear how much cost per vaccine yet.

surokkah :what is it and how does this app work?

Surokkah is a unique app to register for covid 19 vaccine and based in Bangladesh . It is free of charge to apply for covid vaccine through this app.

covid 19 vaccine registration Bangladesh link is the only dedicated website in Bangladesh for vaccine registration

NID card Bangladesh: how to get it online and free download 2021

NID card Bangladesh
Nid Id card Bangladesh

Nid card Bangladesh (জাতীয় পরিচয়পত্র) stands for Bangladesh national identity card and is commonly known as a smart card in Bangladesh. You can apply for it online, check your application status, and download it. In Bangladesh, people are known as a Bd nid card as well voter id card .it is compulsory for all adults and is necessary for certain institutions such as Bank, court and govt’s office. I have discussed every aspect of the Bangladesh national identity card, such as the application procedure, how to apply, why it is very important for every adult citizen of Bangladesh, and how to get it online copy of 2021.

What is Nid card Bangladesh?

The national identity card was introduced in 2006 and it was a paper-based laminated card but it replaced by biometric and microchip smart card. It comes with cared holder photo belong to a unique digital number and it looks like a USA green card. Any Bangladeshi citizens are eligible to apply it and get it free of charge. It is issued by the national identity registration wing under the ministry of home affairs. It is an issue for 15 years and renewable.

How to apply for a Bd Nid card online and requirements?

Bd NID card online

You can apply for it online and need to fill up the online application form. Just follow simple instructions. First of all, you must be 18 years old and a Bangladeshi citizen. You need to fill up a pdf file and print it then send or submit it to any local Election office with all necessary documents. expect applicant name all information put it Bengali language but put your full name in English same to as passport. if you made any mistake during your application do not worry you correct it before submitting it. After review your application if granted then you will receive a card .remember it is your first application and did not apply or do not have any card. Go to this link

Online application procedure 2021

download nid card
  1. When you enter the first page write your full name in English.
  2. Put your date of birth.
  3. Then put your mobile number.
  4. Then you receive a code on your Mobile and provide your code as you received
  5. Then continue with present address etc.
  6. Finally when you finished filling up your application form then download it to print it.

Require documents for NID card Bangladesh .

  • School secondary certificate or equivalent document.
  • Digital birth certificate /jormonibodon certificate
  • Bangladesh passport /driving license/Tin number.
  • Electric bill copy or any utility bill.
  • Father, mother, wife, husband id card photocopy.

Bangladesh NID application system

All Bangladeshi citizen can apply for a NId card if you are over 10 years old you can apply for a smard card and the application procudre almost the same as I explained above. Just fill up appliaction form and go with upzilla office to give finger bomitice .

How to Nid card download bd online?

You can see it online by using NID numbers with the date of birth or voter registration form slip numbers. Just go to this link and see your details online

NID card verification and check it online

NID card verification online

You can verify your new application online or track it. Just need your application form number and your date of birth. Go to this link to track your application.

How to correct smart card Bangladeh ?

You must apply for NID correction to Upazila, thana, district voter registration office, and must attach necessary documents.

How to get replace smart card bangladesh if i lost it ?

You must be make a genral diary to nearest police station and request for replacemnt any voter registration office .

Bangladesh national id card lost or stolen application form dowenload .

You can dowenload lost or stolen application form and application correction form free .

NID card all application form dowenload

Application form for lost or stolen dowenload .

all nid application form download

Bangladesh national idetenty card correction form dowenlaod.

How much fee and charge for renew NID card Bangladesh.

Renewable fee and charge

All card validity for 15 years before expire must be applied for renewal and the applicant has to pay for its renewal. Following charge. For the first time -30 days delivery fee – 100 taka, For an emergency delivery fee 150 takas.

NID card Bangladesh lost or stolen and damged application fees

For the first-time fee, if you lost -For general delivery 200 takas and for emergency delivery -300 taka. For second time application fee-300 and 500.Aftermath any application fee following -500 and 1000 taka.

What is NID number ?

Bangladesh national identity card with 17 unique numbers.

Is need to pay for getting NID card Bangladesh?

No. Bangladesh smart id card is free of charge. Do not need to pay for getting a card but must be meet eligibility requirements.

what is meaning of NID ?

National identity card. It is also known as Bangladesh national identity card, bd smart id card.

How to contract NId office and Nid bd helpline number?

You can reach your local office operator. Just go to this link and select your region, district and upzilla then hit the search button. It will come with local office numbers.

what is the national Id card verification portal?

How to change voter area or Migration of voter area?

if you already registered your voter area but want to change it .in that case you must be fill up the Migration form and send it local elections office for verification.

How can I collect my card if I don’t receive it after registered?

if your card not distributed and you can collect it from the respective upzilla or thana election office.

How many times can i correct Card information?

online correction NID card

According to the local election commission website, you can only one time correct any mistake.

How old do you have to be to get a NID card in Bangladesh?

You mut be 16 years old to get it inBangladesh.

Bangladesh bank:lists,circular,admit card in 2021

Bangladesh bank
The central bank

Bangladesh bank is a central bank and the boss rest of the private and government owned banks. There’s a 59 total private and govt’s banks operating.As a result bank jobs remain one of the most popular job in Bangladesh.We will discuss all bank lists,latest job circular,recruitment and how to apply for Bangladesh bank job. Additionally what is Bank erecruitment and how to find latest job circular. Why stander charter bank is more popular than others.

Overview of BB and history.

The state bank of Bangladesh established in 1972 and apex regulatory body for the country’s monetary and financial system.

All branches office.

The central bank operating from one headquarter at Dhaka and others 9 branches office located Sadarghat, Chittagong, Khulna, Bogra, Rajshahi, Sylhet, Barisal, Rangpur and Mymensingh in Bangladesh.

Banking systems in Bangladesh.

The banks lists into two types .Schedule and noon schedule banks.

Difference between schedule and non schedule banks.

Those banks registered and maintain under the BB bank order ,1972 act called schedule banks but non scheduled banks established and operating for specific objectives and they can not perform like other banks.

Non schedule banks lists.

  • Ansar VDP Unnayan Bank
  • Jubilee Bank.
  • Palli Sanchay Bank.
  • Karmashangosthan Bank.
  • Grameen Bank
Non bank financial institutions in Bangladesh.

Those financial institutions regulated under the financial institutions act,1993 and controlled by Bangladesh central bank .according to BB bank 34 financial institutions operating in Bangladesh.

The complete list of Bangladesh banks in 2021.

There is two categories bank in Bangladesh. Private commercial and state owned commercial banks. Altogether 59 Banks are operating and here is complete list.

  1. Eastern bank limited
  2. Dutch-Bangla Bank limited
  3. IFIC bank limited
  4. Megha Bank limited
  5. Jamuna Bank Limited
  6. Mercantile Bank limited
  7. Modhumoti Bank Limited
  8. Midland Bank Limited
  9. AB Bank limited
  10. BNANGLADESH commerce Bank limited
  11. Bank Asia Limited
  12. BRAC Bank Limited.
  13. City Bank Limited.
  14. Community Bank Bangladesh limited.
  15. Mutual Trust Bank Limited.
  16. NRB Bank Limited.
  17. National credit and commerce Bank limited.
  18. NRB commercial bank Ltd.
  19. One Bank limited.
  20. Padma Bank limited.
  21. Prime Bank limited.
  22. Pubali Bank limited.
  23. Standard Bank limited.
  24. Southeast Bank limited.
  25. Trust Bank Limited.
  26. United commercial Bank Ltd.
  27. Uttra Bank Ltd.
  28. Shimanto Bank Ltd
  29. Bengal Commercial Bank Ltd
  30. South Bangla Agriculture and Commerce Bank Limited.
  31. IFIC Bank Limited.
  32. National Bank Limited.
  33. Dhaka Bank Ltd.
  34. Union Bank Ltd.
  35. Al-Arafah Islami Bank Limited.
  36. First Security Islami Bank Limited.
  37. Social Islami Bank Limited.

All Government banks

6 state owned banks lists.

  1. Sonali limited
  2. Agrani limited.
  3. Rupali
  4. janata
  5. Bangladesh development
  6. BASIC

ALl SpeciAlized bank in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh government is authorised 3 specialist banks for three specific objectives such as Bangladesh krishi bank for helping farmers and develop agricultural sectors .probashi kallyan bank to help Bangladeshi migrants and non resident Bangladeshi.

  • Probashi kallyan bank
  • Bangladesh krishi bank.
  • Rajshahi Krishi Unnayan Bank.

Islami shariah Banks in Bangladesh.

8 Banks are operating based on Islamic rule and regulations in Bangladesh.

  • Islami Bank limited.
  • Al-Arafah islami Bank limited.
  • EXIM Bank limited.
  • First security isalami Bamk Limited.
  • ICB Islamic Bank Limited.
  • Social islami Bank Limited.
  • Union Bank .
  • Shahjalal islami Bank limited.

Bangladesh bank latest job circular in 2021.

BB has published new circular in 2021 and you can apply for available vacancies online.

job id position salary Education Deadline
Civil engineering
Graduate in civil
latest job

Bangladesh bank erecruitment and circular how to apply in 2021.

Banking job is a popular job among the commercial background students in Bangladesh. Due to the high unemployment rates as a result it is a very competitive jobs sector. Above all ,altogether 59 banks so high qualify employer remain high demande.

Bangladesh bank Erecruitment

  Bangladesh bank erecruitment

This is a online recruiting site. You can apply all available jobs vacancies through this site .it’s dedicated for 14 state owned banks.

How to apply latest bd banks job in online.

To apply for latest jobs online visit this site and follow this instructions.

First create a CV or just fill up online application form. You must give them such as your name along with your date of birth,marital status and parents names .

Section two and three:Both are important .you need your signature along with your photo. Remember that must be separate and upload. Last section give your education details .Then submit your application.

How to get admit card .
Bangladesh bank admit card

After submitting your application if you are qualified then BB will send your Admit card at your present address to participate in exam or call for interview.

What is CV bank and CV identification number.

If you applied for any job in BB erecruitment website in 2009 and good news for your because BB has been preserved your CV /resume in Databse.On that time you got a unique CV id number and that is called CV identification number.You can apply for new post by using same id number.

E-service the state bank of Bangladesh.

The bank offers various services to the schedule and non scheduled banks online. The short lists of BB bank online E-service. CIB services ,online agent information management systems,

  • CIB services.
  • Online information management systems.
  • Web upload .
  • Online foreign exchange transaction monitoring and management systems.
  • Corporat memory management systems.

Mobile Banking apps.

BB bank has a mobile app for all banking information such as ATM locations ,all banks branches address and all service details.

Bank notes in Bangladesh.

BB has the sole authority to print all Bd bank notes and design. Time to time they issue new bank notes and change the design in Bangladesh. Like other central bank they are responsible to improve security of bank notes.

All BB bank notes exist in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh bank notes
Bank notes

In Bangladesh so far 10 bank notes exist in Bangladesh currency’s taka .all notes lists.

  • 1 taka notes :is one of the oldest bank notes. It was issued in 1972.
  • 2 taka notes .it was issued in 1988.
  • 5 taka .it was first issued in 1972.
  • 10 taka .first issued in 1972.
  • 20 taka. First time introduced in 1979.
  • 50 taka .Date of issue 1976.
  • 100 taka .it was issued in 1972.
  • 200 taka .since 13.08.2020 .
  • 500 taka notes .it was issued in 1991.
  • 1000 taka notes. It is the highest value currency in Bangladesh . It was issued in 2008.

Bangladesh bank hierarchy.

The central bank has a proper organizational hierarchy in order to carry out all Banking activities in a smooth and the most efficient way. BB’s has a hierarchy enlisted all job titles from top to bottom in order their experience level and contributions towards to Bank .Here is a Bd central bank hierarchy.

  • Governor.
  • Deputy governor
  • Executive Director
  • Economic Adviser.
  • General Manager.
  • Systems Manager.
  • Chief Maintenance Engineer.
  • Deputy General Manager.
  • Senior Systems Analyst.
  • Deputy Chief Medical Officer.
  • principal maintenance Engineer.
  • Joint director .
  • Joint manager.
  • System analyst.
  • Maintenance Engineer.
  • operation Manager.
  • Asstience chief Medical Officer .
  • Deputy director.
  • Deputy Manager.
  • Progammer.
  • Maintenance Engineer.
  • Computer operation supervisor.
  • Madical officer.

BB exchange rate .

The central bank fixed the exchange rate up to date. The exchange rate of taka to foreign currency .

CIB in Bangladesh what is it? .

CIB report

The credit information bureau is a credit reference agency in Bangladesh. CIB is collecting all credit related information from all banks and financial institutions in Bangladesh and they store in their database.Any bank or financial institutions can access to this information to make a decision how likely the applicant default on payment and calculate the risk. A good CI B report mean you are good credit consumers and more likely to accept your credit requests by lenders or Banks.

How to get CIB report.

To access CIB report online you need to follow some instructions. First institutions need to request credit informationn bureau to create user account and password. You must need to attach all following information.

  • Institute name.
  • Institute code .
  • Branch code .
  • Branch name.
  • person name .
  • Person title.
  • persom electronics address.

All foreign banks in Bangladesh.

Despite 49 schedule Bangladeshi bank some foreign banks are doing very good business with reputation and trust. Altogether 09 foreign banks are operating in Bangladesh.

  1. Standard chartered :is a most popular and high credit rating foreign bank and founded in United kingdom.
  2. HSBC :one of the largest bank in the world but due to their shortage of local branches in rural areas as a result it’s not very well known bank in Bangladesh. It was founded in Hong Kong.
  3. City Bank :This is one of very well known bank in Bangladesh. It was founded in USA.
  4. State Bank of India :This is the largest bank in India .
  5. Bank Alfalah (Pakistan)
  6. Habib Bank limited.
  7. woori Bank .
  8. Commercial Bank of ceylon
  9. National Bank of Pakistan.

Top 3 Banks in Bangladesh

This 3 top bank recognised based on Total assets,Revenue and net income.

  1. Sonali bank:is the largest bank in Bangladesh but they are in 2 position in terms of revenue.
  2. Islami Bank Bangladesh Limited:This is the largest bank in private banking sector and it was the first islamic bank in Bangladesh .
  3. Dutch-Bangla Bank.

standard chartered bank bangladesh

Standard chartered bank

This the oldest and largest foreign bank in Bangladesh. It was established in 1905 in chittagon. It’s operating with 24 branches and 96 ATM across the country.

All branches list and account in 2021.

They have 24 branches in major city,district in Bangladesh but they do not have too much local branches like others high street banks. Branches location -chitagong ,Dhaka,Bogura,khulna,Cox’s bazar,sylhet,Narayangnj.


Bangladesh is a developing country and Bangladesh bank is playing key role for their economies growth .The bank keeps currency stability ,low inflation, ensure banks maintain reserves, control the nations reserves of foreign currencies ,control the money supply through the open market operations.