Bangla: Bengali:বাংলা ইতিহাস

Bangla(বাংলা) is a refer to the Bengali is an eastern Indo-Aryan language. Bangla referring to a Bangladeshi. Bengali spoke by Bangladeshi people and in Kolkata.Bengal.

Bengali language.

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Bangla (বাংলা ) is origin Bengali. Bangla is an adjective. The history of the Bengali language is generally divided into three parts.

Ancient Bangla (8/1 – 4 AD) – Charapad, devotional songs are the written signs of the time. At this time, pronouns such as I, you, etc., and the expression Ela, -eba, etc., appear.

The most important written signs of this period are the Sri Krishnakirtan of Chandidas, etc. – Middle Bengal (1-5 AD). The abolition of “non” sounds at the end of words, the circulation of compound verbs, the influence of the Persian language can be seen in the literature of this period. Some linguists divide this age into two, the beginning and the end.

Modern Bangla (from 1 AD to present) – This time the verbs and pronouns are abbreviated, such as its 3s; It did.

The middle ages

The silver coins of the Bengal Sultanate
The Muslim ruling group of Bengal sponsored the Bangla (বাংলা )language. Besides Persian, Bangla was recognized as the official language of the Sultanate of Bengal and was widely used. বাঙালি was also the main language of the Pala and Sena empires.

Modern Bengali literature was developed in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries based on the prevailing West-Central Bangla spoken language in the Nadia region. There are many differences between the regional spoken বাঙালি language and the language used in modern Bangla literature.

Prior to the eighteenth century, no attempt was made to compose Bengali grammar. Portuguese Christian priest and missionary Manuel de Asumpsa was also the first Vocabulario M Eidoma Bengala, a Portuguese dvidido em duas Partes (Portuguese: emocuma Bengali part, and Vocabulazola dictionary.

Compose Nathaniel Brassey Halhead, an English grammarian wrote a modern Bengali grammar in the book A Grammar of the Bengal Language, where the Bengali font of the printing press was first used. বাঙালি social reformer Raja Rammohan Roy wrote a grammar book, Grammar of the Bengali Language, in 12 AD.


Government dignity
National poet Kazi Nazrul Islam of Bangladesh
According to Article 8 of the Constitution of Bangladesh, the only state language of Bangladesh and the official language is Bangla.

The script used for Bengali, Assamese and other languages ​​is known as Bengali script. The Bangla alphabet is known in Bengali and its dialects, and with some minor variations, the Assamese alphabet in Assamese language.

Other related languages ​​of the nearby region, such as the Maitai Manipuri language in the Indian state of Manipur, also use the Bengali alphabet, where the Maitai language has been written in the Bengali alphabet for many centuries. However, Maitai script has been publicized in recent times.


The words in the local বাঙালি language do not contain the beginning of the word. Maximum self-expression can be capital letters (consonantal voids on both sides of the vowel).

Many Bengalis even maintain this clause in pronunciation of words borrowed from English or Sanskrit, such as the word Gram (pronounced self-self), Gram (pronounced-self-self), school (personal-self-self). -B) pronounced as a school (self-muti-self-self)

what is a bangle?

Bangle refer to bengali চুড়ি.it is is mostly used by women.

where are the bangles now?

Bangles found in India subcontinent such Bangladesh,India, Pakistan etc.

How to make bangles?

Bangles made of metal, wood, glass , plastic.

How to measure bangle size?

Bangle measure by according to Wrist size(হাতের কবজি ).

Who was in the Bangles?

Bangles sing of Women suhaag.

what is bengali?

Bengali means Bangladeshi people.

How are you in bengali?

how are you meaning in bengali is আপনি কেমন আছেন?This is a question and normally people reply by আমি ভাল আছি বা ভাল না.

where is bengali spoken?

Bengali language spoken in Bangladesh and kolkata.Bengali is the mother tongue of Bangladesh.

How to say hello in Bengali?

Bangali is getting by asyalamulikum.