Probashi Kallyan Bank:all branches lists and locations

Probashi kallyan bank
Probashi kallyan Bank

                               History of Probashi Kallyan Bank 
Probashi kallyan Bank was established by the Bangladesh Government in 2010. The Bank, as a specialized bank, started functioning in 2011. It has now thirty Branches across the country and three booths at three International Airports within the country. The Bank is going to open few more Branches very soon and has plans to expand its activities. It is automated and manned by professionally skilled employees with sufficient IT knowledge. There is a helpdesk at the Head Office of the Bank established with the help of IOM.
                       Probashi Kallyan Bank mission and vision 
There are around 8 million skilled and unskilled Bangladeshi migrants are working in more than 108 countries starting from Middle East to the Far East and also Europe to North America. Wage earners contribute almost 15% in our gross domestic product (G.D.P) through sending hard earned remittance to Bangladesh. But the progression in this booming foreign currency-earning sector has been following a regression course than a professional one due to several reasons. The migration cost in Bangladesh is very high compared with that of other labor sending countries of South Asia.

The main objective of the Bank is to provide loan to the outbound workers at a comparatively low rate of interest without any collateral. It also provides loan to the returnee to rehabilitate them within the country. The Bank has taken an initiative to help workers in abroad send their remittance through legal way. This initiative will not only reduce the cost of sending remittance but it will also increase the flow of remittance. Apart from this, the bank operates Migrant Saving Accounts, Migrants Probashi Deposit Scheme (PDS). It is the only Bank that renders services to the people at the grass-root level within the quickest possible time.

The complete lists of Probashi Kallyan bank(প্রবাসী কল্যাণ ব্যাংক)local branch and address .

Head Office Probashi Kallyan Bhaban71-72 Old Elephant Road, Eskaton, Dhaka-1000Web:, E-mail:

Dhaka all branch.

Kakrail Branch

Dhaka-1000Phone: +88-02-8300310.Email: pkb.kakrail@yahoo.

Comilla Branch address details

Hashem Mansion, Holding – 22/24, Ward – 12

Chawkbazar Road, Comilla.

Phone: + 8-061-63410

Mobile: + 8-01700602617

noakhali branch and contract number

TTC Complex, Gabua,

Begumganj, Noakhali.

Phone: + 8-0321-6160

Mobile: + 8-01700-602619

CHITTAGONG branch location

Hossain Manzil, Holding No-425 / B, Biojid Bostami Road, Panchlaish, Chittagong.

Phone: + 8-0312-584513

Mobile: + 6-01700-602618

Feni probashi kallyan branch

Bichmillah Market (2nd Floor), 182 Mahipal Fishery Road, Feni Sadar, Feni.

Phone: + 8-0331-69119

Mobile: + 6-01700-602825

Sylhet division all probashi kallyan branch address

Khairun Bhaban, Holding-37900, Mirboxtula Road, Sylhet Sadar, Sylhet.

Phone: + 8-0621-71537

Mob: + 6-01700-602626

Maulvi Bazar Branch
RK Complex, M Saifur Rahman Road, Moulvibazar.

Phone: + 8-061-6408

Mob: + 6-01700-602629

Sunamganj branch
Holding No-06, Doja Shopping Center, Traffic Point, Sunamganj.

Mob: + 8-01700-602630

Habiganj branch
Hafiz Complex (2nd Floor), Holding-1856, Ward-03, RK Mission Road, Habiganj Sadar, Habiganj.

Mob: + 8-01700-602631

Rajshahi branch
TTC Complex, Safura, Rajshahi.
Phone: + 8-0621-61719
Mob: + 8-01700-602832

Chapainawabganj branch
Villa, Holding 526/526, Sona Masjid Road, Ward No-14, Chapainawabganj Sadar, Chapainawabganj.
Phone: + 8-061-53362
Mob: + 8-01700-602633

Bogra branch
Holding No-1622, Shaheed Tareq Road,
Ward No-03, Namazgarh, Bogra Sadar, Bogra.
Phone: + 8-051-62256
Mob: + 8-01700-602634

Naogaon branch
Holding No-1952, Chuck Enayet (Dayal’s turn),
Next to Central Lab and Hospital
Thana: – Naogaon Sadar, District: – Naogaon.
Phone: + 8-0641-61072
Mob: + 6-01700-602835

Pabna branch
TTC Complex,
Upazilas: Rajapur, Dugachhi, Pabna.
Phone: + 8-0631-65619
Mob: + 6-01700-602637

Sirajganj branch
Chairman Villa
Holding-06, Jubilee Road, Ward-01,
Sirajganj Sadar, Sirajganj.
Phone: + 8-0651-62049
Mob: + 6-01700-602637

Khulna branch
Maliha Plaza, 16 / B, Majid Swarani,
Sonadanga, Khulna.
Phone: + 8-041-62272
Mob: + 6-01700-602637

Kushtia branch
Technical Training Complex (TTC),
Shourhas, BSIC, Kushtia.
Phone: + 8-061-63352
Mob: + 8-01700-602739

Rangpur branch
ARB Complex, Road No-01,
Holding 14364, College Road,
Kotwali, Rangpur.
Phone: + 8-0521-55609
Mob: + 8-01700-602841

Dinajpur branch
TTC Complex, Matasagar Road (Rajarampur), Shekpura,
Phone: + 8-0531-6570
Mob: + 6-01700-602842

Kurigram branch
C&B Junction, (opposite Central Bus Terminal opposite Alia Madrasa),
Kurigram Sadar, Kurigram.
Phone: + 8-0561-51304
Mobile: + 8-01700-602843

Barisal branch
TTC Complex, C&B Road,
Phone: + 8-043-18218
Mob: + 6-01700-602844

Bhola branch
Talukdar Mahal, Holding No-581,
Bhola Sadar, Bhola.
Phone: + 8-04-9171396
Mob: + 6-01700-602845

Patuakhali branch
TTC Complex, Old Ferry Ghat Road,
Upazila: Sadar, Town Kalikapur, Patuakhali.
Phone: + 8-04-4175344
Mob: + 8-01700-802847

Pirojpur branch
Holding No-636, Parerhat Road,
Old bus stand, Pirojpur.
Phone: + 8-04-6172975
Mob: + 8-01700-802847

Narayanganj branch
39/4, KS Tower (3rd Floor),
Shaisthakhan Road, Old Court,
Narayanganj Sadar, Narayanganj.
Mob: + 8-01700-802847

Jamalpur branch
TM Tower (3rd Floor), Holding-1346,
Bakultala Junction, Jamalpur Sadar, Jamalpur.
Phone: + 8-0971-64656
Mobile: + 6-01700-602850

Narail branch
Jamaddar Tower-02 (3rd Floor), Holding-475, Ward-4, Narail Jessore Road, Narail Sadar, Narail.
Phone: + 8-048-183357
Mobile: + 8-01700-602849

Magura branch
Holding-01, Habibur Rahman Road (Keshab Junction),
Magura Sadar, Magura.
Phone: + 8-048-51022
Mobile: + 6-01700-602653

Gaibandha branch
Swapnanir, Holding-131/1, DB Road (Fakir Para),
Ward-04, Gaibandha Sadar, Gaibandha.
Phone: + 8-0541-52064
Mobile: + 6-01700-602651

Dr. Shah Alam Chowdhury Shopping Complex
(Ekta Super Market), Holding-1309,
Bazar Main Road, Laxmipur Sadar, Laxmipur.
Phone: + 8-0361-62314
Mobile: + 6-01700-602652

Sherpur branch
Prabhat Complex (between Thana Junction and New Market Junction)
Opposite Hotel Property, 3rd Floor, Rupali Bank, Raghunath Bazar, Sherpur Sadar, Sherpur.
Mobile: + 6-01713-056531

Netrokona branch
Raushan Villa (Floor on Artist Electronics)
Station Road, Netrokona Sadar, Netrokona.
Mobile: + 6-01713-056532


Firoz Lodge, Kanaikhali Road (Behind Sahara Plaza) Natore Sadar, Natore;Mobile: + 8-01713-056533

Barguna Branch

Raushan Bhaban, 3rd Floor,Holding-148, Ward-01, Barguna Sadar, Barguna.Mobile: + 8-01713-056534

Bagerhat Branch

Holding 01, Sophie Market, Sadhanar Mor, Railgate, Bagerhat.

Mobile: + 6-01713-056535

Satkhira Branch

Satkhira Ahsania Mission Multicomplex, Holding No-1413, Shahid Nazmul Swarani, Satkhira Sadar, Satkhira.

Mobile: + 8-01713-056536

Jhenaidah Branch

Haji Noor Ali Plaza, Colonel Rahman Road,

Jhenaidah Sadar, Jhenaidah.

Mobile: + 8-01713-056536

Chuadanga Branch

BCDS Building, Shaheed Rabiul Islam Road, Holding-338, Ward-09, Chuadanga Sadar, Chuadanga.

Mobile: + 8-01713-056536

Dhamura Branch

Amina Ahmed Bhaban (below Agrani Bank), Union Parishad Road, Dhamura, Wazirpur, Barisal.

Mobile: + 8-01713-056539

Meherpur Branch

TTC Complex, Ward No-5, Straw Field, Kushtia Road, Meherpur.

Mob: + 6-01713-056541


Srinagar Branch

Mecca Complex (3rd Floor), Srinagar Bazar, Srinagar, Munshiganj.

Mob: + 8-01713-056542


Nawabganj Branch

Nafiz Hossain Complex (3rd Floor),

Nawabganj Bazar, Kashimpur, Nawabganj, Dhaka.

Mob: + 6-01713-056543


Chagalnaiya Branch

Khwaja City Garden (2nd Floor),

Holding-2532, Ward-5, Chagalnaiya Road,

Chagalnaiya, Feni.

Mob: + 6-01713-056544


Sirajdikhan Branch

Haji Mostafa Plaza-2 (2nd Floor),

Sirajdikhan Bazar, Rushunia,

Sirajdikhan, Munshiganj.

Mob: + 6-01713-056545


Kapasia Branch

Subed Super Market (3rd Floor), Kapasia Bazar,

Kapasia, Gazipur.

Mob: + 8-01713-056547


Companyganj Branch

Roshan Ara Market, Holding-128, Ward-3

Basurhat Municipality, Companyganj, Noakhali.

Mob: + 8-01713-056547


Bhaluka Branch

Anis Super Market (3rd Floor),Holding-H, Block-228, Ward-6

Bhaluka, Mymensingh.

Mob: + 8-01713-056547


Keraniganj Branch

Payal Tower (2nd floor),

Ati Bazar Baby Stand, Keraniganj, Dhaka.

Mob: + 6-01713-056549


Joypurhat Branch

Joypurhat Technical Training Center (TTC)

Hanail, Joypurhat.

Mob: + 6-01713-056550


Probashi kallyan bank helpline number.

How can contract to bank if you need any help regarding your account. First you can contact to your local branch or agency to slove your problem.

To get any help for Dhaka Division probashi kallyan bank branch. You can call all of this number.

ফোনঃ +৮৮-০২-৮৩২১৮৭৮

মোবাইলঃ +৮৮-০১৭০০-৭০২৭০০


Probashi kallyan bank helpline number

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