Probashi Kallyan Bank opening saving account form download

How to download Probashi Kallyan Bank (প্রবাসী কল্যান ব্যাংক)saving account application form.
 Probashi Kallyan Bank is a specialized Bank for migrants benefit and welfare of the wage earner .Probashi Kallyan bank main purposes is to help Bangladeshi worker in abroad ,swift and safe remittance of their wages and rehabilitation of the retrenched workers .
Criteria to open an saving account at Probashi Kallyan Bank  

  • Any Bangladeshi within the age of 18-60 can open this account.
  • Expatriates will have to have his/her residence permit/work permit
  • The minimum account opening balance is BDT 100
  • Applicant has to submit two copies of passport size of photograph.
  •  Applicant has to submit one copy of photograph of the nominee.
  •  Applicant has to submit copy of first six pages of his/her passport for verification. In case of foreign passport copy of respective pages has to be submitted.
  •  Applicant has to submit attested copy of Entry Visa. In case the passport is in other language than English applicant has to submit translated copy of the same.
  •  Applicant has to submit his/her mobile/land phone number.
  • Applicant has to submit attested copy of national ID card.
  • Applicant has to submit the bank details of his/her overseas account.

 Benefit of opening savings account by the migrants at Probashi Kallyan Bank
 The expatriates and migrants can send their remittance through this account.
 The expatriates can save their hard earned money against lucrative rate of return.
The expatriates do not have to pay any fee or charges for this account.
 The deposit of the expatriates will remain ever safe under insurance coverage.

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