Probashi Kallyan Bank Migration Loan form Download and apply in 2021

Probashi Kallyan Bank offers Different types of loans for those going overseas such as migration loans, rehabilitation loans, motorcycle loans. You can download all loan application forms. The bank offers the very lowest interest rate for Bangladeshi migranate only 9% percent yearly and for a maximum of 2 years.

 if you want to apply for a Migration loan you have to complete the application form.

Criteria for Migration loan at Probashi Kallyan Bank and necessary  documents 

  • Applicant recently three (03 )copies photo with attested.
  • Voter id card attested copy.
  • Present address and your permanent address.
  • Union council attested copy.
  • Your grantor recently three copies photo ,present,permanent address and union parishad’s certificate.
  • Your grantor account number and three(3) cheque book pages with signature, or authorization.
  • Applicant visa photocopy and labor contract as well as how much salary etc.
  • Education qualification certificate photocopy (if you have )
  • Medical certificate.
  • Migration cost statement with documents.
  • Applicant aboard address, Telephone number email address, etc.

              Download Probashi Kallyan  Migration loan form 


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Probashi kallyan bank loan system

Migration loan ,Rehabilitation Loan,Motorcycle loan.

How to get probashi kallyan bank loan for Migration .

24 month maximume

Obtained Visa

First of all you have to get Visa from your employer in abroad.

provide bank Visa copies

The applicant has to give 2 copies of Visa photocopies (for Visa verification).After verification bank will notify by SMS .

Bank loan grantor

Applicant must be present a grantor for loan .In your absence you will have to assume the responsibility of paying the debts of your Bank.The guarantor must have financial solvency to get an immigration loan.


  • For example, if take 100 taka and repayment 109 taka including interest.

Probashi kallyan bank loan application
Probashi kallyan bank loan

How much Charges interest and rules for repaying migration loans.

In case of immigration loan, the interest rate is only 09 percent.A maximum grace period of 02 (two) months is given from the day of payment.

The maximum loan repayment period is 2 years (loans taken in 22 monthly installments have to be repaid) according to the country-wide visa. Such as: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritius, Brunei, Qatar, Italy, Europe, etc.

In the case of Singapore, to repay the loan in 10 installments within 01 year.

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