Probashi Kallyan Bank:all branches lists and locations

Probashi kallyan bank
Probashi kallyan Bank

                               History of Probashi Kallyan Bank 
Probashi kallyan Bank was established by the Bangladesh Government in 2010. The Bank, as a specialized bank, started functioning in 2011. It has now thirty Branches across the country and three booths at three International Airports within the country. The Bank is going to open few more Branches very soon and has plans to expand its activities. It is automated and manned by professionally skilled employees with sufficient IT knowledge. There is a helpdesk at the Head Office of the Bank established with the help of IOM.
                       Probashi Kallyan Bank mission and vision 
There are around 8 million skilled and unskilled Bangladeshi migrants are working in more than 108 countries starting from Middle East to the Far East and also Europe to North America. Wage earners contribute almost 15% in our gross domestic product (G.D.P) through sending hard earned remittance to Bangladesh. But the progression in this booming foreign currency-earning sector has been following a regression course than a professional one due to several reasons. The migration cost in Bangladesh is very high compared with that of other labor sending countries of South Asia.

The main objective of the Bank is to provide loan to the outbound workers at a comparatively low rate of interest without any collateral. It also provides loan to the returnee to rehabilitate them within the country. The Bank has taken an initiative to help workers in abroad send their remittance through legal way. This initiative will not only reduce the cost of sending remittance but it will also increase the flow of remittance. Apart from this, the bank operates Migrant Saving Accounts, Migrants Probashi Deposit Scheme (PDS). It is the only Bank that renders services to the people at the grass root level within the quickest possible time.

Probashi Kallyan Bank Migration Loan form Download

Probashi Kallyan Bank`is offerings Different type of loan for those going to overseas such as migration loan, rehabilitation loan,motorcycle loan.all probashi kallyan bank loan application form. 

 if you want to apply Migration loan you have to complete the application form .
Criteria for Migration loan at Probashi Kallyan Bank 

  • Applicant recent  three (03 )copies photo with attested .
  • Voter id card attested copy .
  • Present address and your permanent address .
  • Union council attested copy .
  • Your grantor recent three copies photo ,present ,permanent address and union parishad’s certificate .
  • Your grantor account number and three(3) cheque book pages with signature  ,or authorise.
  • Applicant visa photo copy and labour contract as well as how much salary  etc .
  • Education qualification certificate photocopy (if you have )
  • Medical certificate.
  • Migration cost statement with documents.
  • Applicant aboard address ,Telephone number email address etc  .

              Download Probashi Kallyan  Migration loan form 



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Probashi kallyan bank loan system

Migration loan ,Rehabilitation Loan,Motorcycle loan.

How to get probashi kallyan bank loan for Migration .

  1. Obtained Visa

    First of all you have to get Visa from your employer in abroad.

  2. provide bank Visa copies

    The applicant has to give 2 copies of Visa photocopies (for Visa verification).After verification bank will notify by SMS .

  3. Bank loan grantor

    Applicant must be present a grantor for loan .In your absence you will have to assume the responsibility of paying the debts of your Bank.The guarantor must have financial solvency to get an immigration loan.

Probashi kallyan bank loan application
Probashi kallyan bank loan

How much Charges interest and rules for repaying migration loans.

In case of immigration loan, the interest rate is only 09 percent.A maximum grace period of 02 (two) months is given from the day of payment.

The maximum loan repayment period is 2 years (loans taken in 22 monthly installments have to be repaid) according to the country-wide visa. Such as: Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Mauritius, Brunei, Qatar, Italy, Europe, etc.

In case of Singapore, to repay the loan in 10 installments within 01 year.

Probashi Kallyan Bank opening saving account form download

How to download Probashi Kallyan Bank (প্রবাসী কল্যান ব্যাংক)saving account application form.
 Probashi Kallyan Bank is a specialized Bank for migrants benefit and welfare of the wage earner .Probashi Kallyan bank main purposes is to help Bangladeshi worker in abroad ,swift and safe remittance of their wages and rehabilitation of the retrenched workers .
Criteria to open an saving account at Probashi Kallyan Bank  

  • Any Bangladeshi within the age of 18-60 can open this account.
  • Expatriates will have to have his/her residence permit/work permit
  • The minimum account opening balance is BDT 100
  • Applicant has to submit two copies of passport size of photograph.
  •  Applicant has to submit one copy of photograph of the nominee.
  •  Applicant has to submit copy of first six pages of his/her passport for verification. In case of foreign passport copy of respective pages has to be submitted.
  •  Applicant has to submit attested copy of Entry Visa. In case the passport is in other language than English applicant has to submit translated copy of the same.
  •  Applicant has to submit his/her mobile/land phone number.
  • Applicant has to submit attested copy of national ID card.
  • Applicant has to submit the bank details of his/her overseas account.

 Benefit of opening savings account by the migrants at Probashi Kallyan Bank
 The expatriates and migrants can send their remittance through this account.
 The expatriates can save their hard earned money against lucrative rate of return.
The expatriates do not have to pay any fee or charges for this account.
 The deposit of the expatriates will remain ever safe under insurance coverage.

                                            Download form  


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Sonali bank account Opening Form download

    How to Download Sonali Bank account opening application form  Sonali Bank Limited (Bengali: সোনালী ব্যাংক লিমিটেড) is a state-owned largest  commercial bank in Bangladesh.
If you want open an account at Sonali Bank you can by download opening account application form from here .


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How to track Birth registration application online in Bangladesh

   Track your Jonmo nibondhon application online 
If you want to know verify  your Birth record online just  you have complete few steps .

  1. First of all  enter Birth Registration Number On ( Search Box ).
  2. Secondly  put  Date of Birth Just Like Date -Month -Year .
  3. Now hit the Verify Button  and you will get result .

                                             Application status  
To verify you online application status Just  enter the birth registration application number  on search Box and you will get result .

Remember :This service is available only for those applications, which were submitted online.

Bd birth registration Online:How to apply in 2020.

Bd birth registration

   Bangladesh Online Birth form(জন্ম নিবন্ধন ফরম) .

  1. First Select your Division  .
  2. Second Select your District.
  3. Then select your Police station(Thana).
  4. After select your Union .
  5. Now choose your Ward.

Finally you have to fill up online application form and you have to provide all require information .All require information is  mandatory.

Instruction after filled up your online Birth registration form (  Jonmo nibondhon form
First fill up your application in Bengali (Unicode) then you have you fill up English  then click on Reserve Button .

Jonmo nibondhon form

When you select on reserve button then your application will be transferred to your Local union council or Birth registration office computer server .
Do not forget to print your fill up application form .

Final step for collection your Birth Registration certificate  .
Within 15 days of you application please contract to your local office and give your necessary documents when you applied online .

birth registration form