Bangladesh voter id card:How to check online 2020.

If you lost ,stolen or need to correction of  your Bangladesh national id card (Voter id card ) what you have to do ?
If you want to correct your voter id card you have to complete few steps .

  • You have to complete voter id card correction application .
  • When you complete this application you have to return to them .
  • Now asks  to them to give acknowledgement number or latter .

Requirements  for yourself , your  mother name  ,father name  ,husband  name to correct Your Voter id card.
You have to submit any one or more documents  from blow.

  1. Academic certificate .
  2. Attestation of your job /Professional certificate .
  3. Your father ,father husband any one National id card photocopy .

Requirements for changing your name .

bangladeshi voter id card
Bengali copy 
  1. Academic certificate 
  2. National newspaper advertisement photocopy .
  3. Court affidavit 

You must be present along your all documents hard copy in your trail .

To be continued—————————

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