Alternative payment option for Bangladeshi freelancer

paypal in bangladeshPaypal is a world famous online payment company in the world but unfortunately  paypal has not any service in Bangladesh .As a result Bangladeshi young freelancer are facing difficulty to receive their payment from foreign  company .
But nothing to worry about that because payoneer is one of leading online payment company specially for freelancer .Now Payonner is working in Bangladesh .Any freelancer can use payonner account for online payment .

how to get freelance payment in bangladesh
payonner master card 

For Bangladeshi freelancer payonner is the best alternative for online payment instead of Paypal.
What is payonner?
Payonner is a online payment company for freelancer ,affiliate etc.
 Payonner provide you a free debit card for your transaction world wide .
So do not delay if are frlancer in Bangladesh and you are looking for  your online payment  just open an account with world leading payment company Payonner.
For more details watch this video .
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Bangladesh voter id card:How to check online 2020.

If you lost ,stolen or need to correction of  your Bangladesh national id card (Voter id card ) what you have to do ?
If you want to correct your voter id card you have to complete few steps .

  • You have to complete voter id card correction application .
  • When you complete this application you have to return to them .
  • Now asks  to them to give acknowledgement number or latter .

Requirements  for yourself , your  mother name  ,father name  ,husband  name to correct Your Voter id card.
You have to submit any one or more documents  from blow.

  1. Academic certificate .
  2. Attestation of your job /Professional certificate .
  3. Your father ,father husband any one National id card photocopy .

Requirements for changing your name .

bangladeshi voter id card
Bengali copy 
  1. Academic certificate 
  2. National newspaper advertisement photocopy .
  3. Court affidavit 

You must be present along your all documents hard copy in your trail .

To be continued—————————