How to Recovering a lost or forgotten password yahoo mail

Sometimes people are forget or lost as well trouble to logging YAHOO mail.But most of YAHOO Mail user do not know how recover their lost or forget password.You can recover your mail password by taking few steps .Please just follow guideline below .
First of all ,Yahoo offer few more  options to recover your forget or lost mail password.
By using alternative email address .

When you open or create Yahoo mail address in the first time yahoo offer few option to recover your password if you lost or forget such as provide your alternative email address .If you provide alternative Emil address then you can choose to recover your password by using alternative email address .When you choose this option yahoo will send a link in your alternative email address already you provided .
Next you have to sign in  in your alternative email address and click on link already yahoo sent your inbox .Then new windows will be opened and yahoo will asked to create a new password .When you finished then you can sing in  your email by using password .

Second recovering option 
One of the most popular and easy way to recover your forget or lost password by using Mobil number .If you provide any mobile number when you created your yahoo Emil address .When you lost or forget password just choose Mobil option then yahoo will send sms with a code .Then you have to provide this code when you try to reset your yahoo mail password . Then you will be able to access your mail .

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