How to load money to your payoneer account in Bangladesh?

When you will open account with payoneer then you will receive visa or master Debit card from payoneer .As a result you will able to use this Debit card world wide as well as load money in your card .Actually payoneer debit card is pre-paid card that means load and spend money .If you do not have money in your card then you are not able to spend money  because payoneer do not offer any overdraft or overdrawn facility for their client .

Any way let me clear how to how to load money in your payoneer Debit card ?

As far as i know payoneer has no any local branch around the world .Payoneer services is based in online and they provide services by online around the world.So if you want to load money in your payoneer debit card please  go their website .Here is link just click in this link and we will redirected payoneer money loading page.

Now you have to complete three steps to load money in card .
Now you will get two option .
  1. By e-mail address .
  2. By payoneer card number .
  • If you select by e-mail address please now enter e-mail address that the card holder used this e-mail address when he/she opened account . 
  • Now select how much you want to load .Remember payoneer allow to load maximum 10000 us dollar .
  • If you want to choose by payoneer card number  then you have to put 16 digit card number that printed across the card .

Last and very important things .

You have to decide how much to you want to load your card  .You will get two to payment options  one is credit card ,another one is Debit card .

Please now select continue button .
Now you will go new page and now please check up your information you have provided payoneer if you think everything is OK .
Now you are almost done and confirm now .
Payoneer team review your request and if they approve your request  then money will be available in your card within  two working days.

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