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Nowbd(Bengali -এখন BD stand for বাংলাদেশ). This page is dedicated to whose people are concerned for Bangladesh. You can know what is happing inside Bangladesh.

Nowbd is one of the most popular online Bangla newspaper published up-to-date Bengali news, breaking news, expert opinion, business news, share market news, political analysis offers news with a unique perspective on Bangladesh – not just Bangladesh, but also international news.

BD meaning

B for Bangla and D for desh altogether come to Bangladesh. Bd is a short form of Bangladesh and informally use in Bangladesh. Dot Bd is the internet country code domain for Bangladesh. On the other hand, Bd also uses various terms such as BD time, Bd news, Bd passport, Bd birth certificate, BD jobs.

What does Bd mean in text and stand for BD?

BD refers to Bangladesh. B for Bangla and D for desh both together Bangladesh.

what is BD live?

Most of the Bd television live streaming online. On other hand, all Bangladesh national cricket team matches telecast live on television.

What does Bd stand for sexually?

Interm of girl’s-you can use that. For example Bd sexy Girls.Bangladeshi sexy girls.

How many satellites in bd now?

Right now 2 satellites in bd. Bangabandhu Satellite-1 and is the first satellite for communications in Bangladesh. the second one is Onnesha satellite of Bangladesh was by BRAC.

How many upazila in Bd now ?

In 2020 492 upazilas in Bd (Bangladesh )

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