prothom alo controversy : girls and Islam


  1. Prothom alo controvery

Bangladeshi most popular news paper prothomalo controversy story  :on 17 September 2007.prothom alo magazine  Alpin  cartoon featured a conversation between an elderly man and a boy culminating in the boy making a joke using the name of the Islamic prophet Muhammad.

This carton objected to Islam and Muslim people are responded by protesting in street and all Islamic organisations demande to punish cartoonish and prothom alo for their controversy .

Prothom alo humiliating news for girls about shabagh movement specially  girls. Prothom alo published.

This prothom alo article went against girls and condemnation came from all classes of people and organisations. Finally prothom alo removed this controversy article from their online news portal.You an read still this link by clicking below thins link .prothom-alo writing about girls .prothom alo writng abot tv camerer shamne meyti (prothom alo writing about the girl in front  the tv camera link .

Prothom alo story titled ,TV Camerer samne meyeti was published in the 14 of April here is this controversial writing link .prothom alo TV camerer samme meyeti link .We are sorry because prothom alo has been remove this contain from search engine as a result we are not able to see this contains go through this link but you are not still missing to read this article we have taken screen short and post blow please just click link on read more link then click on image then you will able to read this article.

Prothom alo controversy Islam
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Prothom alo Tv Camerer samne meytei.


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