How to stop receiving spam E-mail

E-mail stand for Electronic mail.E-mail has become one of the best Electronic communication way in the
world .But receiving stranger(spam) message sometimes E-mail user is being victim such fraud,hacking ,loast very important documents etc. But you can prevent spam E-mail by taking few action .Please follow our guideline blow .

  •  As much as possible avoid opening  spam  e-mail.
  • Try to avoid clink on spam message .
  • Ingoing and never do not be attempted replay .
  • Best way to keep unread and delete this type of spam message .
  • Try to avoid sing up for newsletter from unpopular sites . 

Do not post your e-mail address on public forum or message board .
You can use free service to prevent spam e-mail .Now few online website provide protecting spam e-mail services .Blow few of them .

  1. spam Box .
  2. Mailexpire.
  3. You have to sing up to get this service just go their site and create an account .

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