World few top free anti-virus software

Computer is not secure now without any anti-virus software in Internet/online .As a result huge anti-virus
software companies have been established in the world.But you have to buy licence for certain  period of time.If you are not prepare to buy any ant-virus software due money crises either not decided  to buy any anti-virus software yet .But do not worry because most of anti-virus software company offer free trail version and you can take this advantages .We gather few best ant-virus software below.

  • Avast ant-virus software :     Avast is one of the best anti-virus software in the world .Avast offer a free trail aversion for 30 days .After expires your free trail then you have to renew or buy licence but it is not mandatory to download free trail version for you .But you can downland free trail version once time only .
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How to increases search visibility social networking profile such as linkedin on google

Linkedin has become one of most popular social network in the world. Linkedin is the  best for professional
profile.Due to huge number of professional profile it is very difficult to get your professional  profile on search engine .But you can improve your Linkedin profile search visibility. Please follow our guideline below.

  • Complete your profile:One of the best way to improve your position in  Linked  search result is to fill out and  put all information as required . 
  • Try to add your full details as your date of birth ,where you born ,your education background,your previous job experiences etc.
  • Participated in Linkedin group.  
  • Try to connect new contract as much as you can .   
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How to stop receiving spam E-mail

E-mail stand for Electronic mail.E-mail has become one of the best Electronic communication way in the
world .But receiving stranger(spam) message sometimes E-mail user is being victim such fraud,hacking ,loast very important documents etc. But you can prevent spam E-mail by taking few action .Please follow our guideline blow .

  •  As much as possible avoid opening  spam  e-mail.
  • Try to avoid clink on spam message .
  • Ingoing and never do not be attempted replay .
  • Best way to keep unread and delete this type of spam message .
  • Try to avoid sing up for newsletter from unpopular sites . 

Do not post your e-mail address on public forum or message board .
You can use free service to prevent spam e-mail .Now few online website provide protecting spam e-mail services .Blow few of them .

  1. spam Box .
  2. Mailexpire.
  3. You have to sing up to get this service just go their site and create an account .

World few top free online translate website

Does not matter which language you know very well because you can translate most of world language to
English or your native language . You can translate any language  by using free online translate website .We bring few free online translate website blow.

  • Google translate service .You can translate any language by using Google translate website .
  • Bing translate service .Another world giant search engine provide free translate service .
  • Ajaxtrans is another online free translate website .But this website has limited language translate service. 
  • Babylon is one most popular onine free translation website in the world .You can translate most of language by using this website .

How to add Google autcomplete to other search engine

When you search any thing on your favourite web browser such as Google chrome,Firefox , Internet explore
-World giant search engine Google try to predict your search query and offer search suggestion in a drop-down.Most of times Google offer your accurate search suggestion .But problem is this auto complete feature is not available on other search engines . However if you like to add this Google auto complete feature you can do that .But you have take few action to get this great service on your favourite search engine .ctrlq is a one of the best Google auto complete on your favourite web browser . Follow guideline below .

  • Go this site –ctrlq .
  • Now install your favourite webs browser by clicking on your web browser .
  • Now go your web browser search box and change default search engine just one of you install .
  • Let’s search something and see Google offer you search suggestion . 

How to download YouTube video on your computer

YouTube is one of the largest video sharing website in the world .You can watch uploaded Video on YouT
ube .You can share your favourite video on social network and watch later etc. .But you will not get any option to download YouTube video on your computer .However you can download  YouTube video by using few download site and technique .Just follow our guideline .

  • First select you Favourite YouTube video .
  • Now copy your YouTube video URL .For example : YouTube video URL.
  • Now choose your favourite online YouTube download site below . 
  • Savevid
  • Keepvid
  • Just choose any one download site keep it mind this free of charge service .
  • Now go their site and put your favourite YouTube video URL.
  • Now click to download link and save your computer .

How to set up Google search language

You can change your language and choose your best language preference by taking few step .Just follow our
guideline .

  • Just go right top of your Google search page .
  • Now select search setting 
  • Now select language and choose your best language preference from language list . 
  • Now your search language has been changed .

For more details look at this video.

How to Find the Top Tourist Attractions of a City with Google

If you travel else where but you do not know about the historical monuments ,museums ,gardens and
important and popular place . But do not worry you can take help from world giant search engine Google .The syntax for your Google query should be things to do in city .Google will suggest you and give list .Look at the video.

Bangladesh Freelancer :Best job sites list for online jobs.

Internet has created huge number of opportunity for Internet user as well as talent people .Any
person can explore him or her talent by using internet .Now a days people are earning money by doing job online and this platform has brought by few world top online freelance job site .I gather few world best and most popular online freelance job site . 

  • Odesk .Recent few years Odesk has become one of the best and most popluer Freelance job site for Freelancer in the world .You can sing up and create a account free of charge .
  • Elance .Elance is another top and one of the most popular freelance job site in the world .You can post and find out jobs by using this website .You can create an account .
  • Behance.Behance is one of the most quickly growing up freelance job site in the world .You can  create a professional profile and find out jobs on this site .You can post job free of charge by using this site .
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How to add a Subscribe Button to your Facebook Profile

You can add a subscribe button to your Facebook public profile and let’s get update your non friend as

well as your Facebook friend .When you update your Facebook account such as add any photo ,any new link ,any thing then your subscriber you get notification from  Facebook authority automatically .

  • Go their link here .
  • Now select and confirm few option to make sure to see your stuff non Facebook friend .
  • Now a subscribe Button will be added on your public Facebook profile.