How to share multiple websites

Remotely send web pages to your mobile Devices .

Framote has been launched new tools that help  you to share multiple website and remotely control without the need for the user to reload or even touch a thing but this tool still being developed .
To get this great service just you have follow few thing .
  • Go their site
  • Put your target URL .For example :
  • Now Framote  will create automatically a URL for that site .You can share that site URL a group of people and everyone will see the same website on their screens .
    • Advantages of Framote .
    • By using Framote ,You will able to load an unique URL on your testing devices browsers and change the website embed on it from the control URL.
    • As a result there’s no need to go there and manually change the URL one bey one and we will able to save time .

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