How to protect yourself from Hacker

The past few years has’t been good for people concerned about online privacy .Now Internet user are more concern about their online safety.But Internet user can protect himself by taking few action.

Seven way to protect yourself from online hacker .

  • Frequently change your online password . Especially when you are inactive online please consider yourself to change your online password .Hacker always try to hack your internet password .Never password jut like 1236 because it is very easy to guess  this type of password .
  • Curiosity: Human being are always curiosity as a result internet user are being victim of hacking because hacker are very talent and clever sometimes they send  spam e-mail  and write do not click or give ad on internet just like please do not click and internet user fell  curiosity and click on this link  as  a result hacker will take control your computer ,e-mail ,social network account ,internet banking etc .So please never click on this type of link .

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