How to share multiple websites

Remotely send web pages to your mobile Devices .

Framote has been launched new tools that help  you to share multiple website and remotely control without the need for the user to reload or even touch a thing but this tool still being developed .
To get this great service just you have follow few thing .
  • Go their site
  • Put your target URL .For example :
  • Now Framote  will create automatically a URL for that site .You can share that site URL a group of people and everyone will see the same website on their screens .
    • Advantages of Framote .
    • By using Framote ,You will able to load an unique URL on your testing devices browsers and change the website embed on it from the control URL.
    • As a result there’s no need to go there and manually change the URL one bey one and we will able to save time .

How to protect yourself from Hacker

The past few years has’t been good for people concerned about online privacy .Now Internet user are more concern about their online safety.But Internet user can protect himself by taking few action.

Seven way to protect yourself from online hacker .

  • Frequently change your online password . Especially when you are inactive online please consider yourself to change your online password .Hacker always try to hack your internet password .Never password jut like 1236 because it is very easy to guess  this type of password .
  • Curiosity: Human being are always curiosity as a result internet user are being victim of hacking because hacker are very talent and clever sometimes they send  spam e-mail  and write do not click or give ad on internet just like please do not click and internet user fell  curiosity and click on this link  as  a result hacker will take control your computer ,e-mail ,social network account ,internet banking etc .So please never click on this type of link .

Latest news for France illegal immigrant

Great new for illegal immigrant in France .Social party  has been declared new rule for illegal immigrant in Frances .You will qualify for legal immigrant status if you can full fill few requirement below .

  • Regulation for  illegal  parent .
    • Five years living in France .
    • Child schooled  in France for at least five years .
    • Actively involved in their child education . 
      • Regulation for under 18 years illegal immigrant.
    • Arrived in France before age of 16 .
    • Have relatives in France  .
    • Seriously and assiduously  attended school .
      • Regulation for Regular illegal immigrant .
    • Five years living in France and working .
    • Work 8 month in past 2  years .
    • 30 month in the  past Five years .
    • Formal contract of employment .

How to create an Orkut account

Orkut is another great social media .Orkut is part of Google .Orkut‘s social network can help you maintain existing relationships with pictures and messages and establish new ones by reaching out to people that you have never met before.Orkut makes it easy to find people who share your hobbies 

and interests, look for romantic connections or establish new business contacts. You can also create and join a wide variety of online communities to discuss current events, reconnect with old school mates or even exchange your favourite recipes.
You can use this great service free of charge just like Facebook , YouTube etc. 

  • If you have already an account association with Google just like YouTube ,Google plus etc. You can use orkut account services just simply link your Google  account to Orkut account  and select use your Google plus or YouTube account details either you use add new details about and upload news photo .
  • If you do not have any Google account but you can still use this great social network .You have to create an account with Orkut  social media.Just like Facebook you have to provide details about you such as your name ,date of birth,country ,email address etc .Just go to thier website and enjoy this great social media . 

Bangladesh Government holidays and other national important days .

Bangladesh Government holidays  

1:  21 February.
International mother language day  .
2: 26 March .
Independence day of Bangladesh .
3:14 April .
Bangla new year .(Pohela Boeshak )
4:1 st May .
International labour day .
5:9 May 
Buddha purnima . 
6:7 Augest .
Shab -e Barat .
7:15 August .
Bangladesh Mourning day .
8:18 September .
9:21st September .
Eid-ul-Fitr.(End of ramadan )
10:28 September .
11:28 November 
12:7 November .
13:16 December .
Victory Day of Bangladesh .
14:25 December .

How to edit photo online free of charge

Internet has become part and parcel of our life .Recently few statistic show more then 50% works are being done online .As a result computer and internet expert are try to being new thing for people .Online photo editing software is one of the great surprise for internet user .Now any internet user can upload his or her 

photo and edit himself . Surprised this type of service internet user are getting free of charge jut like Google ,Facebook ,Yahoo,Ask world best website service .But huge internet user are not  aware about this free of charge service and do not how to use this free software .We being few world best online photo software website for you and guideline how to use that software .

  • Photobucket is one best free online photo editing website.You can edit and upload photo by using few option such as Facebook,computer,Webcam ,website image URL,Email ,Mobile phone etc..
  • How  to use photobucket free online photo editing web site?
  • You have to open account free of charge .Just like Google ,Facebook etc .You have provide few details such as Emial address ,your name etc. You can edit ,share ,tag  photo in social media such as facebook,blogger , wordpress etc.
  • is another great free online photo editing website .This software has brought by Google .You can upload photo,edit ,share etc .You will get this service if you have any Google account .

judge of Bangladesh’s International Crimes TribunalMohammed Nizamul Huq skype record

judge of Bangladesh’s International Crimes TribunalMohammed Nizamul Huq and  Ahmed Ziauddin record conversations and read emails he exchanged with a lawyer.Bangladesh’s International crime Tribunal Mohammed Nizamul huq skype conversation record .conversation of Bangladeshi judge on skype hacked by economist.Please to listen this full conversation between Bangladesh’s International Crimes tribunal Nizamul and Ahmed Ziauddin  just click on read more option because their three part of skype conversation  we posted .If you get any difficulty please leave a message .

How to translate website pages

Translate  web pages by using Google Chrome.Some website offer to translate their website article but unfortunately all webmaster do not use Google translate code to translate their website pages .

But still you can translate  website page or article in Google chrome.
  • Download Google chrome as your browser .
  • Now use Google chrome as your website browser .
  • Now access your desire website .
  • If website articles are different language such France,Arabic ,Bengali any other language expect English .
  • Now can translate this website page to English or any other languages.
  • Now just click on your right button of your mouse then you will get few more option such as back ,reload,save ,print ,translate to English,page view ,page source etc .
  • But you have to choose simply translate to English and click on this option.
  • Now you will see this website page articles are being translate and you will get few more option to translate your website page to different language just look at over the website page .
  • Hopefully you will able to translate website page by using this Guideline but if you are not able to do please leave a message .