alternative of Google adsense

Google adsense is just like a dream of bloger or website owner but sometimes is not turn in to reality because adsense follow very straight rule or guidelines as a result low quality websites or blogs are not qualify for Google adsense .But you can recover by using alternative advertising agency .Few online advertising agencey has been established in the world and they work with publisher .
  • .Adbrite is one of the best online advertising agency in the world.Adbrite is one of biggest competitor of Google adsense.Adbrite share maximum revenue with publisher.If Google adsense application not approve but can try for Adbrite.But remember you  do not accept any free site such, etc.
  • is another giant online  advertising agency in the world .You can use Chitika ads for your site .If you  want to make application please go their site
  • is one of the new online advertising agency in the world share maximum revenue with publisher .You can use Addynamo ads as a  Google adsense alternative .If you open an account and put their ads code on your site instantly ads show on your
  •  is one of the best text link advertising agency in the has brought new features on online advertising .They provide link ads on your site .You can you use infolinks as a  alternative advertising agency .
  • is another great online advertising agency  in the is one of the best alternative advertising agency of Google adsense.
  • is one of large advertising agency in the world.Text-link ads is one of the best ads sell and buy online advertising agency in the world.If you have a reputation website and sell your ad place to them .But they approve quality website .
  • can increase your revenue from your site by selling ads place to  they accept only quality site .
  • is  just like Infolinsc ads.If you do not like Infolinksc you can use  Kontera as alternative .
  • is another pay per click bases online advitiser agency in the world .If want to use as alternative of Google adsense you have to make application to become as publisher .

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