how to protect a website and facebook account

Recently Myanmar Hacker has been hacked few website as well as Facebook,Google account in Bangladesh .But you can protect your blog ,Facebook account and google account as well as Internet banking .
Let talk about blog.If you hosted any website on blogger platform you can protect your blog from any Hacker attacked .
Google introduced new account verification.Before  anyone can hack your Google account as well as you blog very easily .But now it very difficult to hack your blog or Google other service.

1:Firstly sing in your Google account now click on your account  option now see few option such as Account
activity ,data liberation ,security .Now select security option now see password management ,2 -step verification,Authorising application and sites .

Now what you have to action to protect your site.
2:Select second verification option and select on.
3:Now see they will ask you which phone we should send code?
4:Now select your current state or country from their country list and put your mobile number .
5:Google will ask you how you will receive this code such as voice call or text message .It depends to you but my advise select text message because if your not native English speaker.
6:select on send option.
8:Now few second and keep your5 mobile with you .You will receive a text message just like Google verification code is 000038 this one is guesses .
9:Now put Google verification code you receive .
10:Now if you use personal computer then select trust this computer that means they will not ask you to put code then you sing in from this computer but i advise you do not select this one because you have to practise and remember your code.
11:Now google will ask you  to confirm that and confirm that .Congratulation you now high secure and protect yourself.

Further more please watch this video to know more how to protect yourself from any hacker .


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