how to prevent cyber crime in bangladesh

Internet has become part and parcel of our life .We can not avoid hi tech benefit .Now we are living in cyber world.Now days few crimes are being spread out very quickly across the world.Cyber crimes is one of them. Increasing huge number of Internet user in Bangladesh cyber crime is increasing day by day.As a result you can victim any cyber attack at any  time .Now you have to know how can protect yourself  from any cyber attacked .How to prevent yourself from cyber attacked ?

1:Hackers are hack your personal information by using your Account id  and your password such as your bank Internet id and password.So the best way to protect yourself by using very strong password and id .Please change your  account password frequently as a result nobody can not hack your password and user id.Please never share your password with other person and never write down your password else where.Hopefully you can save your self by using this tips

2:Before using any computer please make sure your computer is secure.You can secure your computer by using firewall .Firewall  is  a very strong cyber defense software .Firewall block any suspicious  website or blog .Please make sure your  Firewall always active on your computer .
3:Use anti-virus  software :Few company sell anti-virus software .Please download any Good anti-virus software .
4:Install any software or program:Before Installing any program or software please make sure this is secure and trusted site.
5:Install latest the operating system update.
6:Before putting your personal data  and your banking information any website please make sure few things such as  veriSign seal  certificate and your trust this website .
7:Never use public library computer or cyber cafe Internet to use your Internet banking or online shopping by using credit card .
8:Never share your personal online  account information with unknown person.
9:Secure your wireless network.
10:Finally if are victims any cyber take please  you can take help from local security forces such as police .
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