Bangladesh Festival

People’s Republic of Bangladesh 

Capital 😀haka 
Independence-From Pakistan 
2012 estimate  population  :161,083,804.
This  country Celebrate  huge number of national Festival .


Bangladeshi peoples  Celebrate few bigest Religious Festivals .
2: Eid-ul-Fitr 
 3:Eid ul adha
                                      Shab -E-Kodor

In this night (27 of Ramand ),the Holy Quran was sent down LOH-e-Mehfooz(the preserved Tablet )to the earth.Whole muslim umha clebrate this a day perform  nawafil (prayers),Recite Qur’aan ,pray for pardon,Recite many many Salawat etc.Bangladdeshi muslim people Shab -E-Kodor celebrate  perform  followed by Quran .
Bangladesh Goverment declare as a public holiday .

One of the bigest Festivals for muslim umha .Bangladesh is one of the bigest muslim country in the world.Bangladeshi muslim people celebrate  this day .Bangladeshi muslim people  celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr the end of fasting .The festivel begin when the first sight  of the new moon is seen in the sky.The celebratory atmosphere in bangladesh  is increased by everyone wearing  new  clothes and decorating their homes.Bangladesh goverment declare  5-6- days of public  holiday.

                                             Eid ul adha
Eid ul adha is another bigest relegious  festivals  for muslim world . The festival of sacrifice .Bangladeshi  and world muslim people  as they celebrate ,reminds themselves of their own submission willingness to sacrifice anything to god’s wishes.During the festival Bangladeshi muslims people who can afford to ,sacrifie domestic animals ,usually sheep as a symbol of Ibraham’s sacrifice.Bangladesh goverment  declare 5-6 days of public holiday.

                                     Others relegious Festivals in Bangladesh                                                                       

1:Chaitra Sankranti 

2 ;Charak
4:Rath jatra

                                               Secular Festivals in Bangladesh                                                                                 

1: Poila Baishakh 

2:Baul Mela 
3:Paus Mela
4:Friendship Mela 
5:Kite Fair 
6:Krisi Mela

                                                       National Festivals in Bangladesh                                                                                                 

1:International Mother language Day

shaheed Minar

21 of February called  International mother language day  in Bnagladesh .

It was announced by UNESCO as international mother language day on 17 November 1999.This day bangladeh goverment declare as public holiday.

Another great national Holiday  in Bangladesh is Independences Day .
      The Independence Day of Bangladesh (Bengali: স্বাধীনতা দিবস Shadhinata Dibôsh).This day  also referred as 26 March is a national holiday  .

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