Bangladesh Television Programs

Bangladesh Television broadcast few popular shows and programs  .

  • Ain Adalat: Ain adalat is a very popular BTV program .This program provide about Bangladesh law and tips .
  • Jodi Kichhu Mone Na Koren: Jodi Kichhu Mone Na koren was very popular Bengali talk show.Jodi kichhu mone na koren was hosted by Fazle Lohani .
  • Ittyadi: Ittyadi is a most popular magazine program in Bangladesh .Ittyadi is created and presented by Hanif Sanket.Ittayadi is broadcast on Bangladesh television (BTV)
  • Bohubrihi
  • Songsoptok
  • Shomoyer Kotha
  • Mati O Manush
  • Sisimpur
  • Notun Kuri:Notun Kuri is a national cultural talent competition program  .Bangladesh got a lot of culture talented people through this national competition .
  • Kothao Keu Nei
  • Aaj Robibar
  • Nokkhotrer Raat
  • BTV National Debate
  • Meena

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