Latest news for France illegal immigrant

Great new for illegal immigrant in France .Social party  has been declared new rule for illegal immigrant in Frances .You will qualify for legal immigrant status if you can full fill few requirement below .

  • Regulation for  illegal  parent .
    • Five years living in France .
    • Child schooled  in France for at least five years .
    • Actively involved in their child education . 
      • Regulation for under 18 years illegal immigrant.
    • Arrived in France before age of 16 .
    • Have relatives in France  .
    • Seriously and assiduously  attended school .
      • Regulation for Regular illegal immigrant .
    • Five years living in France and working .
    • Work 8 month in past 2  years .
    • 30 month in the  past Five years .
    • Formal contract of employment .

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